Nouvel événement a venir

Dans notre paroisse

What do you associate with New Year’s Eve? Fun, champagne and… good intentions? Do you still remember what you resolved to do last year? Learning a new language probably ranked right up there with joining a gym and giving up a nasty habit. Regardless of the reasons you had for making this resolution, the result is – unfortunately – almost always the same. After the first days at “full speed ahead”, by spring the motivation has subsided and you find yourself staring discontentedly at the grammar books you bought with such enthusiasm.

But why? Why does everyone think that it’s so hard to learn a language? And that it requires so much time to practice? Could it be because we all have a few bad habits that we’re not aware of (and therefore can’t get rid of)?

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes and figure out how we can avoid them.